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  • We are as passionate about our Carbon footprint
    as we are about the quality of our products.


Nishika Industries is India's leading recycler of post industrial waste specializing in pharmaceutical films recycling composed primarily of poly vinyl chloride or polyvinyl dichloride, commonly referred to as PVC or PVDC.

We commenced our commercial operations of our recycling facility in the Mumbai in 2006 with a view to improve upon the current waste management sector in India and to encourage industries to use their waste as a resource.

The nature of post industrial waste is greatly inferior to that made available in developed regions like North America & Europe. Packaging waste from the industries is exposed to variety of different conditions after being disposed. The lack of an organized collection process augments the inferior quality of packaging materials.

Over the years we have developed our recycling process and carved to introduce greener products in the ecosystem maintaining an impeccable product quality. In order to maintain our product quality we keep evaluating & upgrading our process technology.


Rigid PVC Films
Garment Accessories
Punnets & Trays


The use of the right technology for delivering quality shirt packing materials has positive impact on costs, environment and the community.

  • Reduces the consumption of land for scientific landfill.
  • Reduces air pollution by use of right technology
  • Saves water contamination
  • Introduces low cost green products
  • Eco-friendly products