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In order to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging materials during its production stages, we have incorporated the use of technologies bearing lower energy consumption.

Plastic waste generated at the post-industrial level are being converted into products meant for garment packaging. We are proud in making greener products that make up for the packaging of the Shirts.

Rigid PVC Films

Nishika Industries can offer rigid PVC films meant for various applications such as thermoforming, printing, stationary cover, general purpose applications etc.

Collar Bands

We have an extensive range of over 100designs of collar bands that can lift your collar up along with an enriching experience of presenting a shirt. Available in PVC, OPS, PP & PET.


Collar Bone (Stays)

With 25 different varieties available in Polyester, PVC & Metal, our range can ensure professional look complimenting the formal wear.


Collar Butterfly

We have over 90 designs, that can add strength to the collar of the shirt ensuring no damage during the transportation & storage. Available in PVC, OPS, PET & PP.



Available in various sizes, our tags can ensure that all the details regarding the garment can provide enough room & assure strength to hold on to the garment. Matte, Frosted, Glossy etc can be made available in PVC or PP.


Plastics Clips

We provide wide range of Plastic Clip manufacturers from Global Sources.


We deal in all kinds of Brass and SS shirt pins for garment industries , We all import Crownfox, Prym , Gurudev and othe Brands of silver head pins which are of best quality

Punnets & trays

Prime punnets and trays are specially designed and formulated for packing of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. These specially crafted punnets are designed to not only provide safety to the fresh produce but also help in increasing shelf life of the produce. Also the positioning of the vents helps in ease of airflow and cooling of the product which leads to efficient productivity during processing the produce.


In our endeavor to produce eco-friendly packaging materials, we have created the first of its kind Toothpic that can help to get into the nick and corners of your teeth.